Thon Fielderson

Thon is a merchant's son turned adventurer


Thon is a slightly shorter but well built young man. Still in his yearly 20s he walks with the practice of a seasoned warrior. He doesn’t talk much but, when he does he keeps his word. His loyalties are always first to his family and friends. However, Thon does have a bit of a wild side often volunteering for dangerous missions or journeys for glory and thrills sake.

His hair is black, long, and often worn loose. He dresses in traveling or exploration clothes when adventuring or on a trade mission. He is single and not know to be attached to anyone. He prefers drab browns and greens in order to blend into natural surroundings while adventuring. His brown eyes are often obscured by a wide rimmed hat he wears.

He keeps his equipment well oiled and maintained and often has that, “extra something” that someone else forgot to bring like; soap, an extra change of clothes, or lamp oil.

The most prominent feature of Thon are the two weapons always on his person whilst traveling. The large bastard sword slung across his back or the composite long bow hanging on his shoulders along with the quiver of arrows protruding over the opposite shoulder of the sword.


Thon is a merchants son who started his adventuring career questing for his lost brother. His family originally comes from the County of Urnst and his brother went forth to trade with the free city of Redspan in the former Duchy of Tehn. After several months of not hearing from his brother, Thon’s father reluctantly gave his permission for Thon to go seek out his brother.

On his journey looking for his brother Thon was caught up in several adventures and schemes of the Archmage Nystal. Eventually, Thon and his new companions tracked his brother to the former Shieldlands capital of Amundfort. Thon eventually rescued his brother Johab, from slavery, by negotiating with a former agent of the empire of Iuz. His mission complete, Thon returned home with his brother to continue with the family business. However, after about a year his brother convinced Thon to use his contacts in Tehn to try and help the family open lucrative trade contracts.

So with little regret Thon joined his brother on a trade mission back to the Frontier city Redspan, where he was soon caught up in further adventures.

Thon Fielderson

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